Poles Apart

Over a coffee in January:

She was adamant about our destiny as we are not the same.

I am always cold, you are always warm.
We are poles apart and meant to be like this forever;
But for a second if we are together, then only you will feel,
how best I can be with you, how great you can be with me.
This love is like polarity.
Let me flow through you.
It gonna be something you gonna feel daily.





As an Abstract

From an Evening of January:



We were walking close to each other, where some pine were flirting with the shadowy. Rays were shimmering on our faces. I was mesmerized with the beauty all around me. Without uttering a single word and we talked in a hundred silent ways. We kept on looking into each other’s flaws and thought was to fill them up with some colors of the soul.

I was wishing for a turquoise sky, long shadows of pine trees and emotions like abstract. That was it when I would let myself flew away in the love I have for you, as pieces of clouds dissolve in sunlight at dusk.

Not like every time; it has to be me with the strongest colors in end to reach a certain abstract. No color can do it alone?

So, a palette of dark colors or might be you..!!



I am still stuck in that moment…

Most of us had felt that feeling when second’s needle of a watch gets sluggish and we feel stuck in a moment where we can’t stop the watch, neither can we let it happen to flow.. for the very same moment… vo lamhe bhi mere bas main nhi that rokna jb m chahta tha ki ghadi ki suiya tehar k B’s ek baar keh de ki ab bs tum mil lo.. vo hath hi ni usko bhi apne hatho se mat Jane do.. aj Main us pal m ataka hua hu, vahi galiya, vahi shamye, vahi dard, vahi thama hua waqt aur vahi B’s vahi chaiye vali line… B’s usko bol dene ka man KR raha h aj ki ‘’Ati ho to barish lete Ana, kyuki yaha Jo jameen h iska pyar ki barish ka intezar sayad ab dhalne sa lga h.. aur Ana hi h to jaldi Ana kahi ye jameen hi banjar hoke na reh jae.. B’s usi k liye aj likhne nikal pda hu.. aj vahi galiya yado m h mere jaha mere hatho se rait ki trh fisalne lagi thi vo.. aur fisalti hi chali ja rahi thi.. vo kaha krti thi ki abhi Ni jana,, aur m na chahte hue bhi usko vaha se Jane k liye majboor krne ki kosis krta tha.. mujhe Kya pta tha vo jaegi to bs barish hi uski yaadien laya kregi.. subh 6bje aj chat PE baith k barish m ye likh to raha hu but sayad koi sunne vala ab bacha Ni h inhe.. kafi dino see uske un shabdo k liye tehra hua hu Jo kbhi uske liye hue hi ni the sayad.. aj mujhe ajeeb sa isliye lag raha h kyuki kuch h Jo Ander hi Ander jal raha h.. bahut aag lgi Hui h.. Ander se dehakne jaisa ehsas h ye.. aj mujhe sayad samjh AA raha h ki koyle ko kaisa lagta hoga jb vo aag k liye jalta hoga.. koyle jaisa jal raha hu main aj Ander se.. B’s dhua hi dhua h aur us m Meri ankhe band ho gyi h.. B’s chalne ki kosis KR raha hu aur vo bhi chal Ni pa raha.. rah bhi sayad aj galat ho gyi h Meri bs chalna h aisa soch k ruk Ni rahe ye kadam but rah ab ye sahi Ni lag rahi.. soch raha hu ruk hi jau, PR dar itna h ki kahi m ruka to vo bahut age na nikal jae…





One day you wake up and you’re in this place. You’re in this place where everything feels right. Your heart is calm. Your soul is lit. Your thoughts are positive. Your vision is clear. You’re at Peace, at peace with where you’ve been, at peace with what you’ve been through and at peace with where you’re headed…


Do You Really Know…

Know me, do you know me??! A feeling from dark, a place to hide your dirty secrets, a place of pain, a place of shadows, a place of forgiveness, a place of souls finding their way out, a place where we skip the reality and indulge ourselves with a uncertain procedures for uncertain goals, goals with smooth ending will not be entertained, goals only with roads through dark forests will be allowed to be dreamed of. A desire of being alone and not being able to dream further is a sin for a person like me. There are empty spaces within me, a gap between my soul and my mind, to chastise myself. They say we need to get this rectified, as we are here to follow the rules of society and not to live the dream we wanted to. So stop judging whom you can’t understand. Understand those complications if you can otherwise don’t even blink about this..


Equilibrium of Light…

Equilibrium is phenomenal thing and one must understand the weightage of, as this must be shared in an accordance of desired will. For an instance if we loss the power over the equilibrium in regular form of life, we starts to loose ourselves in the cloud of past or future. This is just like “A thousand half loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home”. Now that I personified you, I need this to remain a psalm and wanted this shackles around me to restrain the hell-broke-loose fountain of pain…




Move On- Traveller.

It’s been a really long when I last enjoyed writing, it all come with some kind of inspiration and all, a great kind of stuff, deep level talks. For me writing is really a difficult task but occasionally I don’t hold back the flood of thoughts pushing my walls from inside and here it goes.. […]