Do You Really Know…

Know me, do you know me??! A feeling from dark, a place to hide your dirty secrets, a place of pain, a place of shadows, a place of forgiveness, a place of souls finding their way out, a place where we skip the reality and indulge ourselves with a uncertain procedures for uncertain goals, goals with smooth ending will not be entertained, goals only with roads through dark forests will be allowed to be dreamed of. A desire of being alone and not being able to dream further is a sin for a person like me. There are empty spaces within me, a gap between my soul and my mind, to chastise myself. They say we need to get this rectified, as we are here to follow the rules of society and not to live the dream we wanted to. So stop judging whom you can’t understand. Understand those complications if you can otherwise don’t even blink about this..


Equilibrium of Light…

Equilibrium is phenomenal thing and one must understand the weightage of, as this must be shared in an accordance of desired will. For an instance if we loss the power over the equilibrium in regular form of life, we starts to loose ourselves in the cloud of past or future. This is just like “A thousand half loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home”. Now that I personified you, I need this to remain a psalm and wanted this shackles around me to restrain the hell-broke-loose fountain of pain…




Move On- Traveller.

It’s been a really long when I last enjoyed writing, it all come with some kind of inspiration and all, a great kind of stuff, deep level talks. For me writing is really a difficult task but occasionally I don’t hold back the flood of thoughts pushing my walls from inside and here it goes.. […]



Hello everyone, hope you will have an amazing week ahead.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to my fellow bloggers for not acknowledging this award for this long. But “it’s better late, than never”.

So here it goes, first of all I would like to thank my buddy Surya for introducing me to WordPress. Secondly, I would like to thank all my follow bloggers to take out time and for checking photographs and reading my posts.

I would love to introduce you all to my friend Blooming Soul

who nominated me for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. This is my first blogger award.

She is an amazing blogger, you can check out her blog using the link below.

She is really a brilliant writer with deep thought about love and life.

“THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD” is to encourage engagement with fellow bloggers- to lift each other up and support each others hard work.
So, If you’re nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, automatically “won” it too (thanks to our own very favorite old friend Google for details).

I am very pleased to nominate the following:

  1. Surya Pratap

He is a soulful writer and introduced me to WordPress and suggested me to show my photography to new ways. You can check his blog he got some skills..:)

2. Just Me(JM) 

As per my understanding she is a person who really like inner peace. One can find pain in her words and posts. Some of her posts were really intense. You will surely enjoy her blog.

3. Suraj Shri 

He is a charming writer, he just started things off, but I trust he would not disappoint you in future with his unique thoughts.

4. Bhavika 

I am regularly checking her blog and she is also got unique skills.

5. Shraddha 

She is one with regular posts on her blog, her theme setup for life is pretty cool. You can check her daily quotes.

6. sagrikajhamb

7. Tanya 


As a part of accepting this award its customary to give 7 random facts about me:

  1. I love to click photographs of sun, random faces, nature, etc etc.
  2. I like being appreciated, this motivates me.
  3. I am simple and fun loving person.
  4. I love to learn new skills in every field whether it be in studies, sports, life, love, science, basically anything.
  5. If travelling will be free, you will not see me again. I love to travel.
  6. Read some novels, but mostly like to read love stories and science related stuff.
  7. I am a very shy kind of person but if I get comfortable with anyone, it gonna be interesting and full of surprises for that person.

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe deserve recognition for their hight-quality standard of writing, uniqueness of content, passion and love displayed throughout the site and to top it off, amazing photos!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

Nominees- Don’t forget the rules and pay it forward to other bloggers too.